L.Shima Topless Hotness (With Library Girl Glasses!)

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bill-swift - August 23, 2016

Whenever I see an email from our hottie friend L.Shima I became several degrees warmer on the inside. It's a fever and the only cure is more L.Shima topless sextastic crazy body. That cure also requires more cure in the form of extended freezing cold showers and saltpeter supplements by the pound so as not to be arrested in public for indecency. Such is the power of the L.Shima ridiculously alluring visual wonderments.

The multi-ethinc model arranges some of the most lust inducing photoshoots this side of my libidinal REM sleep fantasies. When she appears in glasses in this set, I come the closest I have ever to full catatonic erection state. That's not even defined in any medical books, but I assure you, it's an affliction all the same. The one you want to get. Damn, that huggable body on L.Shima. I might just cry. This really is how I experience real human emotions. More please, L.Shima! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: L. Shima