L. Shima Topless Peeks

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michael-garcia - July 19, 2016

Hottie known to take off her clothes L. Shima did just that in this sexy black and white spread. She was already looking amazing in a revealing top and short bottom before she took it off...all off. To say that L. has a giant pair of knockers is a gross understatement. Those all-naturals could hurt someone if mishandled. They are the kind of jugs that can give you a cramp in your hand from trying to manipulate them. It is hard to overstate that these are some of the biggest teetas I've ever seen. But that's not all she's packing. She's also got a booty on her that is putting the hurt on me. I love a woman with curves like her that is still slender. It's the perfect combination, packed in all the right places. 

I wonder what the L. stands for? Probably Large-breasted. Do you think her parents named her that because they just knew she'd be packing heat or did they just hope she'd grow into the name?