Lacey Banghard Topless Tease in Jeans

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bill-swift - May 20, 2016

Lacey Banghard is the kind of girl you want to take home to meet your parents. Then your dad tells you that you're not man enough for such a woman and he's taking her from you. I really hated those days.

Lacey is a bountiful boobtastic glamorous lady with the sweet mams of a champion. I'd gladly give her the trophy. When her top comes off, the party has officially begun. You can only help to get an invitation to the event. If I examine those tanlines any closer, I might enter a state of catatonia. A happy one. Women really are wonderful. I can tell so much about a person just by leering at their amazing funbags. I know, it's a gift and a curse.  Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lacey Banghard