Latina Model Melissa Ceja Best Thong Ever Show at Wet Republic

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bill-swift - April 30, 2015

I don't want to be that guy who starts parsing which thong is better than another thong on beautiful curvaceous Mexican models. All thongs were born beautiful and none should feel any superior or inferior when stuffed tightly between the booty cheeks of some of the most sultry women in the world. Having said that, the almost not quite there thong sported by hot Latina model Melissa Ceja</strong> at the Wet Republic pool party in Vegas was simply the best of the pack. There, I said it. Not all thongs were created equal.

Melissa Ceja herself is an enchanted work of the hot body sextastic. Throw in, and or sling on, the most almost not quite there thong bottom ever and you have the makings of a pool party to which you better have a decency towel available to place over your fore-area to prevent yourself from being arrested by Clark County for lewd public behavior. Melissa, check your inbox for a message with the subject line, MUST BRING THAT THONG. That's an invite from me for an Arby's dinner and a soak in the standing water in the nearby quarry. I know, I don't look like a guy you'd trust to take you to a quarry. Good instincts. And even better booty. Crazy en fuego. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash