Laura Govan Topless Funbags Fall Out at Wedding Ringer Premiere (Her Sister Nearly Does Too)

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bill-swift - January 8, 2015

I must admit to not being able to always keep my Govan sisters straight. I hate when that happens. Both are basketball wives slash baby mamas. I believe Laura Govan is the gal who has birthed all the Gilbert Arenas kids while sister Gloria Govan was married, maybe, to Matt Barnes, though I think that ended too. That's as deep into the celebrity gossip world as I dare venture. As for the world of faptastic ta-ta's falling out of dresses on the red carpet, there I have far more expertise.

Laura Govan wore a dress that couldn't possibly have contained her braless udders to the premiere of the Wedding Ringer and the inevitable happened when she leaned forward to pose on the red carpet for the cameras. Out came righty. A spectacular sight of the bare boobtastic public display. We rarely get full melon. Consider this a Kodak moment. Her hot sister Gloria wore a dress that contained barely much more, with so much sideboob it seemed like a sisterly malfunction was about to occur. We should be so lucky.

Oh, yeah, Kaley Cuoco was there as well, and looked ravishing as they say, but competition for camera being what they are, she was overshadowed a tad by the bouncing commando boobs in front and behind. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF/Splash