Lea Dina Mohr Nude!

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Echo Lawrence - April 21, 2020

Remember that despite what they say, or whatever propaganda they spew, not all people are created equally and that some people are just substantially better than others.

I know for some it is hard to stomach or to accept that there are people who are more successful, richer, better looking, stronger, more resilient to COVID, younger, better dressed, etc.

BUT THEY ARE and no matter what the internet is saying about us being equals, or that we are all the same, we are not.

Sure, we should all have equal opportunities, or the ability to try whatever it is we want to try, but some people are just better suited to win than others.

Like LINA DINA MOHR who I don't thinK I've heard of before. Who is not the most followed model of instagram. Who may not even be making a living at modelling yet...but who is near perfect.

I mean....this girl is amazing.


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