Leelee Sobieski Nipple Pokes Are Just the Tips of the Awesome Iceberg

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bill-swift - August 4, 2011

Am I infatuated with Leelee Sobieski and her bobble-licious boobtastic, to the point that I could probably draw those flesh puppies in my sleep if you put a Crayola in my hand whilst slumbering? Indeed.

Just seeing the protruding points of her milky cannons, her nipple pokes along Fifth Avenue, well, I feel like one of those astronomers who sits in a mountain observatory for six years waiting to see the barest light spec to confirm the existence of a new galaxy, only, of course, Leelee Sobieski's nipples are of far greater scientific significance, at least in the universe of Egotastic!

Leelee's rack is back and I'm pleased as punch. Enjoy.