Lena Ballayre is Today’s Naked Redhead!

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Tex Hollywood - November 12, 2020

I know that ginger haired people get a lot of hate. They have been teased, laughed at, even seen as terrifying or sent from the devil since the beginning of time. There are likely ginger support groups now that being ginger is basically a meme that people who are ginger have to make a point of being ginger at least once in their life.

Lena Ballayre is what I would call the good kind of ginger, not to say there are good and bad gingers, but there are good and bad everything and this is the good version. She's the kind of Redhead that you would see Archie excited about in the Archie comics and I am not just saying that because she's modelling nude, or maybe I am.

You can follow her on INSTAGRAM where she is hot.

But first, check out this shoot!!


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