Leonora’s Apartment Shoot

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Tex Hollywood - January 5, 2021

I don't know if this is actually Leonora's apartment, we're not that close of friends. In fact, before seeing this shoot on C HEADS , I had no idea who Leonora was, but I am glad I do now, I am better for it!

This shoot took place in Notting Hill in the UK, in a hotel, not an apartment, that gives off those European, historical architecture vibes, not that you're looking at the details of the set, you're looking at Leonora who along with being a babe, is not being lewd or shameless, she's posing subtly, classily, sophisticatedly, which is amazingly a word and still giving some skin to keep things exciting.

You see, it's not about graphic nudity, it's about hints of nudity in romantic setting to inspire. If you want graphic, there's plently of hardcore content out there being produced, but I'm more into the artistry.

You can follow the model on instagram HERE


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