Let the Games Begin! The Skinlympics Kick Off With Hot Topless Celebrities and a Chance for Big Prizes (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 21, 2012

I'm not sure where the dark and perverse minds at Mr. Skin come up with this shizz, but leave it to the boys with blue balls and one ginormous nekkid celebrity film and TV clips library to merge their love of all things celluloid and topless with the quadrennial celebration of all things pure and athletic (not counting the performance enhancing drugs, natch) in a contest they are calling the Skinlympics.

Now, the best part is, well, the two best parts are, you get to see a whole bunch of sweaty hot nekkid film clips in order to vote on your athletic champions, and when you do vote, you get entered to win sweet prizes like an iPad. So, you double win. Triple win if you count bare funbags as two.

So, VOTE NOW for the opening rounds of the Skinlympics, become one with fame and fortune, and carry on the proud tradition of the Greek Games!