Lindsay Maria And Her Super Perky Nips Give Classic 80’s Playboy Realness

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earl-jonas - June 10, 2019


There was nothing quite like getting a glimpse of the crumpled and questionably crusty Playboy Magazine that made the rounds in middle schools all across this great country of ours in the 80's. A kid with questionable adult supervision swiped the dirty mag from his Internet-deprived dad, and voilà, a joy for many a boy. And it wasn't for the articles.

All of this brings us to the lovely Lindsay Maria. For her new Playboy Plus spread, she takes us back to the good old days by wearing some 80's-approved lingerie and all around looking like a tan, blonde, and tastefully airbrushed Reagan-era goddess. She even sports a sheer robe with faux-fur trim. Is there anything more 80's? Possibly. And if there is, it's somewhere in these pics...

Photos courtesy of Playboy Plus