Lindsey Pelas in a Swimsuit at Golden Hour!

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Tex Hollywood - November 5, 2020

Lindsey Pelas is more than a girl named Lindsay with an "e", a format I'll never fully appreciate or understand. She's a self-proclaimed "Genetically Gifted", Louisiana born, LA-based Glamour Model from an era where Glamour models don't entirely exist, they call themselves "influencers' or content creators, but the gist of what they do is the same. Strip done and pose!

That's not to say there's nothing more to Lindsey with an "e" than her Glamour Modelling, but there's just so much involved to her modelling that it's hard to focus on anything but those things. I mean, she's made a career and established herself with a huge fan base because of them, so for us to not follow her lead and stare would be the crime!



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