Liziane Soares Amazing Topless Tanlines

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bill-swift - October 2, 2015

Did somebody say tanlines? You don't even need to say it, just think it, let alone show it, and my head is going to explode into a million bits of gray matter that probably all deserve a trip to the principal's office.

Liziane Soares caught my ever fiber of my being attention as the Bella da Semana girl of the week from the beauty-laden Brazil. Not only is Liziana one finely stacked Sudamericana, but her tanlines are to die for. Literally, I might kick it right now. But I go happy, with thoughts of sweet teats full and ripe and tan and white all over. Liziane, bless you and your non-fear of El Sol. Now, I must got meditate. Ignore the Night Ranger blasting on the radio in my lavatory. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Bella Da Semana