Liziane Soares Santa Striptease, Because It’s Christmas in Brazil Too

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bill-swift - December 12, 2015

Just because it's sunny on the beaches in Rio in December doesn't mean the good folks of Brazil and especially their hot blonde model types with major league curves aren't just as much into the Santa spirit. Take for instance Liziane Soares, and, oh, how I would like to take Liziane Soares. She totally and completely understand the Yuletide spirit. Hot, naked, with a Santa hat on top. It's perfect.

Liziana strips out of her Santa and elf gear to reveal her Christmas decorations nonpareil. Funbags are every bit the finest ornaments of the season, especially when dangling in the prone or supine position. I'm sort of an expert on Christmas iconography. Especially the boobtastic bare kind. Liziane, check your mail for an invite to the Egotastic holiday party. Something about you just says fun office party time. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Bella Da Semana