Lola Kirke Topless Shoot

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michael-garcia - October 24, 2016

Sexy actress Lola Kirke let it all hang out in this hot outdoorsy shoot. There is no pretense here, no stripping, she's just naked from the beginning. And what a friggin' body she has. Her ta-tas look utterly delicious in these pics. They aren't too big or too small but just right. They are the funbags Goldilocks would have chosen. She is hanging out in a rustic house and then takes it outside for a little au naturale in nature. But perhaps the most exciting part of the pics is the ones that show her booty. She's got a pretty phenomenal butt. It's a nice shape, like a heart. It's the kind of butt you want to get to know better. If only girls like Lola were naked out in the woods more often I might consider camping more. 

Plus her name is Lola, which is one of the sexier names around. But unlike the Kinks song, this Lola is all woman. 


Photo Credit: Zia Anger