Lola Le Lann Topless In ‘One Wild Moment’

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bill-swift - May 3, 2016

We ran an image of young thespianic Lola Le Lann a little while back and a whole bunch of you wrote in and asked who that girls was and how could you possibly marry her and make many babies before she turned twenty-two. I get that expression of emotion more than most. In the very least I'm in no position to judge. I just want everybody to be happy. Though obviously in line behind me for the available hotties.

We decided to share the full slough of visual wonderments of Lola from that very same epic Euro-film, One Wild Moment. You may never rent it on Netflix, or in the least, don't want your girlfriend to notice you've freeze-framed on the topless parts. That's why All-Stars exists. Take in the topless allure of Lola Le Lann and remind yourself why film is such an important medium. It must be preserved. We need more Lola Le Lann! Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: 'One Wild Moment' Orange Studio