Lorena Rae Accessorizes Her Nudity!

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Echo Lawrence - October 12, 2020

Lorena Rae is a 26 year old German model who has done a bunch of work for Victoria's Secret, which is probably why she's got that 1.8 million followers on INSTAGRAM , making her not necessarily a household name in models, at least outside of Germany, but still a damn hot model from every country you may be looking at her pics from!

I'm sure you'd like to have the German experience with her. You know, take her to a German Beer Garden in your pants to give her all the Bratwurst you can before she throws up all over her Drindl Dress. Since you're the gentleman, you'll drive her home in your 1995 Volkswagen Golf to show her how reliable her people's engineering is, since you can't afford the Porsche, you're figuring it out. when she's wearing her dirndl dress that I assume all Germans are gifted when they turn 18.

In this shoot she's promoting who cares, she's naked-ish and amazing.


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