Lorena Rae’s Nude Shoot!

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Tex Hollywood - September 24, 2020

Lorena Rae is a Victoria's Secret model. This is obviously not part of her Victoria's Secret campaign, since she's not wearing any clothing, making it better than her Victoria's Secret campaigns, because she's not wearing any clothing. Simple concept.

A lot of the Victoria's Secret models who are arguably the hottest of the models in the world, they are definitely the brand all the models of the world crave to be hired by and not even for the money, they'd do it for free. It's for the clout because despite the brand being dragged through the mud the last 2 years by the woke generation, coupled with the brand being involved with the evil Epstein, because surprisingly, massive corporations are evil, but that doesn't mean they don't have good model taste!!

So here's the German born Lorena being wonderful.


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