L.Shima Topless Goodness Abounds

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bill-swift - September 20, 2016

Every time my email pops up with a hi-dee-ho from L.Shima, I get a little tickle of goodness running up the length of my spin, back down again, three semi-circles, a half pike, and a landing deep in the heart of happy country. She really makes me day. When she's sending her latest round of wicked hot topless photos, she makes my entire evening and into the next morning when I just stare at my Cocoa Puffs and giggle. She's that effective.

In her latest unclothed guise, the multi-ethnic Southern sextastic model bares the body the likes of which men have fought wars over in the past. These days, most bar fights and locker room brawls. The instinct is the same. Must have this woman. She's mine. I'm more of a lover than a fighter which serves me very poorly in fights, but when the time comes that L.Shima and I are together in our crow's nest loft three miles away from the nearest other human being, it shall serve me and the birds who fly away in fright from all the screams quite well. I don't care if I'm dreaming, please, don't wake me. Enjoy.