Lucero Gomez and her Inspiring New Swimwear Trend!

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Tex Hollywood - June 30, 2020

Her name is Lucero Gomez but I don't think she's Colombian Actress Lucero Gomez who was born in 1956 and died in April 2020. RIP Lucero.

That doesn't mean that Lucero Gomez is any less important, if anything it gives her the time to shine now that the older Lucero who was hogging or tainting her name is out of the way!

What I do know from looking at these pics is that Lucero Gomez has an amazing fashion sense, not that I know anything about fashion, but I would argue that fashion doesn't know anything about fashion anymore, with the likes of the Jenners and Hadids as top models, we can collectively agree that the industry has shat the bed.

But this white sheet makes for the ultimate in swimwear, or at least beachwear, save the swimwear for the classic, timeless favorite...the skinny dip.

Let's hope women everywhere follow Lucero's lead! (this Lucero, not the one who just died)


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