Lucy Collett Topless Page 3 Round Up

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michael-garcia - August 17, 2016

Curvy beauty Lucy Collett went topless for Page 3 and it makes me very happy. Maybe it's the Latin man in me that makes me love a girl with a little meat on her. My grandfather told me as a boy to never trust a woman that was too skinny. Rules to live by. But I would definitely trust Lucy. She starts out in some sexy lingerie that shows off her massive funbags. These things are really something else. She must have to get her bras at the special ginormous ta-tas store. I just want to snuggle up to her jugs and go to sleep. They are like lovely warm pillows. I'm also quite a fan of her hips and booty. Definitely something to hang on to. 

Lucy is from England and is featured in what they call "lad mags". That's such a nice way to call these magazines that feature nudity. The British are so sophisticated. 


Photo Credit: Page 3