Lyalii in a Cozy Winter Lockdown!

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Tex Hollywood - January 11, 2021

Her name is Lyalii, which is a pretty interesting name, and you can check her out on instagram, where despite doing this model thing for the last 3 months or so, has not reached that critical mass of followers she deserves, but that doesn't mean she won't one day soon! It just means you need to show your support by following her on INSTAGRAM

I don't know much about this shoot, but I know that the model is fully nude in what looks like one of those trendy cabins in the woods, with a nice fireplace and tons of cozy vibes, something we could all appreciate. The whole staying warm inside when there is snow outside is one of the most comfortable things out there for people raised where it gets cold.

I remember spending days out in the woods, doing manly shit like cutting wood, basically exhausting myself throughout the day, only to come into the cabin, sit back in front of the fire, maybe eat a stew or chilli and pass out watching a movie.

Sure, it wasn't nearly as attractive as this version, but it allows me to really appreciate this shoot all the more.

Check it out!


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