Madison Beer White Hot!

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Echo Lawrence - May 29, 2020

Madison Beer has an amazing body and she is here in her white bikini showing it off. She is also showing off her tan lines from her other bikini, just to show you how skimpy this bikini happens to be.

I always wonder about Tan Line fetishes, not because I don't like them, but because I wonder what the allure is. There are dudes so into Tan Lines that it's almost weird and I always wonder if the appeal is that the model has evidence of her healthy dose of sunkissed skin, you know like she doesn't work on a computer all day. Or is it that the tanline basically frames ares you "shouldn't be seeing" because there is normally clothing there. Ultimately, it doesn't matter because we should be seeing ALL of Madison Beer, when you look like this, it's almost a crime to not be naked or 80 percent naked at all times!


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