Madison Reed Topless Funbag Exposure on Snap

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bill-swift - February 3, 2017

Victoria Justice's little sister, Madison Reed, sister from another daddy, has in one fell swoop exposed herself more than Victoria Justice has in many years of following her and begging her to bare her sweet mams. Not that we blame Victoria for choosing chastity, I mean, it hurts, naturally, but she has the right to do with her uber sextastic as she chooses.

Thankfully, so too does her model younger sister Madison Reed who took to Snapchat for a quickie pull back of her open top to be even more open and reveal her blessed teat. What a show? Snapchat is fast becoming the naked celebrity tool of choice. So, into our toolbox it goes. And out comes Madison Reed's boobtastic. Nice trade. And nice ta's. Enjoy.