Maitland Ward Topless For Snapchat

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bill-swift - March 23, 2016

Oh, blessed days when our ginger topped veteran hottie friend Maitland Ward shows off just a little too much on Snapchat for a whole lot more of her to lust. Maitland and her blessed funbags of cosplay fantasy adventure have never been known to us without some kind of covering before. This must be how Columbus felt when he arrived in the New World and noticed all the American women topless. Were they? in my mind, yes.

Maitland Ward is the kindest of hot exhibitionist leaning lovelies we know. Hence why she threw in a wicked hot sextastic shot of her bare booty crack as icing in the cake. Or the cake itself. When you start to tingle all over, you lose track of your desserts. Oh, happy days when full blessed melons are exposed on our favorite celebrities. Boy Meets World Meets Bill Meets Maitland's Plump Bare Bosom. Now that's what I call a show. Well done, madam. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Snapchat