Maja Krag Topless So Hot You Will Cry Danish Tears

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bill-swift - February 8, 2017

I happen to like all things Danish. The beer, the cheese, and the women. That's the big three. And I could easily live without the first two. Well, the middle one. But, oh, the Danish young ladies such as the endless flow of sweet bodied models coming forth from that gloriously small, but benevolent visual wonderment nation.

Maja Krag and I took an instant lusting toward one another. I can only confirm half of that actually. She floats my boat and I don't even own one. So metaphorically speaking, I could be talking about anything floatable. In this stellar topless and bottomless cheek epic sports-woman peeks at Maja by Christian Friis, we see a lean and stroke woman with ridiculously memorable mammaries and a body that is a Disneyland for grownups. No fast pass here. Maja, you are a dandy alright. I'll take four, to go please. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Christian Friis