Mali Koopman Topless Aussie Goodness

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bill-swift - November 25, 2016

Let the inspiring Dear Santa, All I Want For Christmas super hotties start baring their bodies for my list for Old St. Nick this year. Most definitely added is Aussie sextastic au natural and beautifully boobtastic Mali Koopman. The world has many gorgeous young women with perfectly litheseome bodies. The real question is how many are revealing their funbags moist and perfect for the cameras at any given time? Not a majority I assure you. Sadly.

Featured in Unconditional Magazine, Mail reminds us that the simplest things are often the most tingle inducing. One ridiculously hot woman, no top, one camera, and away we go. I couldn't be happier if Kris Kringle put Mali beneath my Christmas tree this year on Yuletide morning. Just kidding, that would be way better. Oh, look, missletoe. Yes, it is right above your waist, Mali. Go figure. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Unconditional Magazine