Maria Bopp a Topless Revelation in Brazilian Show ‘Call Me Bruna’

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bill-swift - December 5, 2016

I don't expect you to have the time or resources or frankly the correct sized slightly borrowed satellite antenna on the roof of your lean-to in order to capture the very best of the hot topless thespianics baring their funbags as roles demand on all eleven continents of this gaseous spinning orb. That's my job. I took an oath. Or more specifically, I swear a lot. But damned if I don't scour and search with my libidinal radar for hotties such as Maria Bopp whose mams are simply killing it in the new Brazilian TV show, Call Me Bruna.

Under the heading of, you really must fall deeply in lust with these teats, Maria has her top off in so many scenes in this thrilling and titillating series it's almost too high to count. Also, your fingers are busy. She plays a good looking young woman who leaves her upper middle class existence to become a prostitute in a brothel where she becomes quite in demand. Go figure. Could they invent a more intriguing synopsis for a show. They could not. It's Game of Thrones with just the good parts. Bless you and that hot body of yours, Maria. Also for venturing into this part. I'm so very happy now. Enjoy.