Maria Demina Nude Shoot!

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Echo Lawrence - April 28, 2020

Maria Demina clearly knows herself better than we do, which I guess, from a logical goes without saying, since we've never met her.

The reason I said that she knows us better than we do, is because her instagram is @OhWhataWoman which is exactly what I was thinking of naming this post. Maria Demina and I are so in sync. Unfortunately, I'm the Joey Fatone of the relationship.

I don't know where she's from, sounds European. It's probably better that I don't know where she's from because she's almost at the level of sell your assets and move to whatever country she is in to either profess your love or at least find comfort in knowing she's in the same city, town or village as you.

It sounds creepy, but I prefer romantic. Damn you COVID for killing the romance! Thank you Maria Demina for reminding me that I can still love.

Maybe I am overreacting, but have you seen her damn pics from this shoot. DAMN.


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