Marisa Papen Naked In The Sand

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bill-swift - June 13, 2016

Oh, my Papen! Is that the heavenly bodied and quite undressed Belgian hottie Marisa Papen naked in the sand, rolling her body across what now must be the most sought after beach in the world, if only to lay in the sun whilst picking up scent of Papen spread throughout the fine grains of quartz and silicate. Marisa, you know this is torture for me. You also know I'd have it no other way.

In her latest and greatest fine female form tease on camera, Marisa Papen preens and poses her nude body for photographer Michael Chichi in such as a man as to move the global ticker on birth rates nine months hence. You can't ogle Marisa's sweet funbags and bare body and not feel the primordial urge to make many babies. Preferably with Marisa herself, though stand-ins are often called for. Marisa, you slay me. More slaying please. I have to many layers yet to go. You are stunning. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Michael Chichi