Marisa Papen Nude For C Heads Magazine

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bill-swift - November 9, 2016

I don't like to brag, but I could be blindfolded and still render an illustration of Marisa Papen's perfect bare breasts down to the milimeter of variance. I've memorized those exquisite funbags in my sleeping and awake dreams, not to mention working out the tattoo replica for somewhere on my body where mom won't see at Christmas. She knows what her son is all about, but no reason to rub it in her face around the holidays. 

Marisa Papen has expressed on numerous occasions her love of being naked. That's either an inborn instinct for her or perhaps when she grew up and realized how ridiculously hot her body was, it became a convenient tenet of her personal philosophy. The results happen to be the core of my own visual life's work. The amazingly lust inducing Belgian body baring inspiring lady parts. I couldn't be happier if I was standing next to Marisa in those nude photos. I think we both know that's not exactly true. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: C Heads Magazine