Marisa Papen Topless For Yume

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michael-garcia - October 14, 2016

Huge ta-taed sexy person Marisa Papen gets topless for Yume Magazine. Marisa has one of the best bodies of any hottie in the realm of modeldom. She's toned and tanned all over. Her midriff is so tight I bet you could bounce a quarter off of it. Not that I would throw quarters at her or any other girl. That's not right. But what is very right is her perfect jugs. They are the Platonic form of ta-ta perfection. If you look up beautiful chichis in the dictionary, you see a picture of Marisa's hooters. I love Yume Magazine's pictorials. They are both full of naked chicks and are artistic. The best of both worlds. Maybe I should get a subscription.

Sweet Marisa will one day be my wife. Someday we will get married and move to Vermont to run a B&B and have a bunch of kids. This is my dream. 


Photo Credit: Yume Magazine