Marisa Papen Topless Pool Fun

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michael-garcia - August 17, 2016

The incomparable Marisa Papen lost all of her clothes in this sexy photoshoot by a pool. Listen, y'all, I see a lot of naked or partially naked women in this job and I can say, unequivocally, that Marisa has one of the best bodies out of all of them. Just look at her. She's got ta-tas the likes of which most women would kill to have. Like, literally murder someone if they could somehow get her breasts. Some women only have one nice attribute, but Marisa has got it happening all over. Her booty could drive a man insane. You know, in a good way. I bet when she sits down in the sand she leaves the perfect imprint of a heart. You even get to see the top of her lady mound. It's got some foliage on it, which I like. Shaving has its place but done too much it is unseemly.

Marisa is one of those models that exists on some other plane of existence from the rest of us normal mortals. I feel like if I saw her in person I'd be blinded by the hottness.  


Photo Credit: C Heads Magazine