Mary Elizabeth Winstead Finally Bares Her Breasts In “All About Nina”

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brian-mcgee - December 20, 2018

Like most everyone else on the planet, I fell hard for Mary Elizabeth Winstead after seeing her as Ramona Flowers, the girl of Scott's dreams in Scott Pilgrim vs the World. The wait to see her nude has been arduous, and though she had some pics leak during The Fappening, I've had a strong desire to see her nude for close to a decade now.

Then came season three of Fargo, where she showed off her magnificent ass in the debut episode. That ass is so nice it made Ewan McGregor leave his wife of 20 plus years, so just think about that for a moment. As nice as the view from behind was, the goal was to see MEW nude from the front.

That glorious day came earlier this fall with the release of All About Nina, where MEW plays a stand-up comic. Early in the flick, she spends a substantial amount of time topless, smoking a cigarette, and working on her comedy routine. It's like a trifecta for weirdly specific fetishists.

So rejoice, for we can finally see one of the hottest women in Hollywood topless, with her consent I might add. That makes for one hell of a topless debut any way you slice it.

Photo Credit: Mr. SkinĀ