Maybe Future First Lady Melania Trump Naked and Uncensored

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bill-swift - August 1, 2016

It's already a first I believe seeing a major party Presidential nominee's spouse naked in photographs. I use the word spouse rather than wife to include Bill Clinton who impossibly so has never had a naked photo on the Internet. Certainly Melania Trump would be the first First Lady in the history of the White House whose bare funbags we've seen. You can judge for yourself what that will do to the minds of American youth if they can ever lift their eyeballs from their phones.

The New York Post ran a headline story over the weekend that included censored nude photos of Melania Trump. Thank you to Egotastic Readers including first, 'Brian M.' for sharing the uncensored versions available in the recesses of the interweb. This was no Russian hacker job. Just people that love seeing hot Slovenian models who happen to be married to Donald Trump quite naked. That has to include Donald Trump himself. Enjoy.