Melina DiMarco Wet And Topless

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michael-garcia - August 24, 2016

Sexy vixen Melina DiMarco got naked, wet, and wild for Yume Magazine. The raven-haired beauty starts out in a tub where she gets nice and wet, her breasts glistening with water droplets. Melina has a righteous pair of knockers. They aren't too big or too small, but just the right size and oh so satisfying. One doesn't want to realistically handle ta-tas that are so big that they are going to make your hands cramp up, but neither do you want a girl with a flat chest. Aristotle said it was best to find the mean in all things and I'm pretty sure he meant with jugs as well. Melina also has very nice nipples. A great pair of chesticles can be ruined by a giant areola or a set of long nips. Again, her chichis are just right.

I'd like to nuzzle my face in between those lovelies and go back to sleep. I bet I would have wonderful dreams, preferably of the breasts themselves. 


Photo Credit: Yume Magazine