Melissa Debling And Jodie Gasson Sextastic School Girls Striptease for Happy Mammaries

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bill-swift - October 28, 2015

On certain days I get misty eyed thinking about when I first fell in lust with a certain someone or someones, melancholy, Coldplay on the beatbox, the rain pouring outside somewhere not in this state, a man starts to reminisce. Like the most purest form of feelings for glamour models Melissa Debling and Jodie Gasson, perhaps never more codified in libidinal stone than seeing these two lovelies spanking each other in a schoolgirl striptease.

Now, I can't say for sure what goes on in an all-girls school, despite at least seventeen attempts to peek therein during my own school days at the boys reformatory and license plate factory. But I'd always imagined it was two curvaceous girls in skirts climbing out of their clothes and intermittently making out and spanking each other's virginal bottoms. Obviously followed by taking off their tops and comparing sweet blessed funbags. And giggling. Lots and lots of giggling. I need some alone time now if you don't mind. To get closer to my more important feelings. I'm sensing a breakthrough. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Only Tease