Melissa Debling Big Sunny Topless Bosom

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bill-swift - February 17, 2016

Sometimes life just requires you to stare deeply and directly and with your entire soul into the mounds of two perfectly plump funbags attached to one stellar curvaceous blonde. This is the harrowing journey we all must make at some point between now and the next ten minutes. I've taken the ride eleven times myself already. It's like Space Mountain if Space Mountain had stellar ta-ta's instead of fake stars.

Melissa Debling is simple and stunningly one ridiculously hot British style glamour model upon whom the sun shines as if she wasn't from such a drastically fair complected land. How can you blame the sun for feasting its rays upon her crazy sextastic body and a pair of yabbos that if you drew in a cartoon the readers would call you a dreamer. Here's your dream. You're living it. Melissa is and she's sharing. I'd cry more often if I wasn't up for Manly Man of the Year Award. Beautiful bouncing bubbly knockers make me weep in my own masculinity. Bless you, Mel. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Melissa Debling