Melissa Debling Boudoir Topless Big Time Gorgeous

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bill-swift - January 6, 2017

I'm not here to tell you how to lead your life, but it's fairly axiomatic that a day without leering the mighty jugs of the passion inducing Melissa Debling is quite a wasted day. Not really an opinion, more a fact based on leering this lovely lass for several years now, her udders providing so many smiles and healthy tingles she might seek out some kind of social goodness award.

In her New Year's 2017 visual venture, Melissa gets down to baring her boobtastic and full-sized funbags in the bedroom, shot from various angles to provide maximum viewing pleasure. In fact, if you've ever used the term viewing pleasure prior to flipping through these stellar shots of Melissa, you stand corrected. Melissa, I thought 2016 was your best year yet. If this is how you're kicking off the new year, it's going to be epic. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Melissa Debling