Melissa Debling Stripping on Couch

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bill-swift - May 11, 2016

Some days you just need to leer deeply into the blessed mammaries of Melissa Debling and know that everything's going to be alright. Not as alright as if you had your face in their making motorboat noises, but something relatively similar in the virtual sense. Belusted faptastic funbags are the source of comfort in a world fraught with so many meddling and nagging unpleasantries. Let the breasts lead the way.

The beautifully bubbly bodacious glamour model takes you on a magical tour without ever leaving her couch. A striptease out of silly clothing and a revelation of the racktastic variety. What could be more simple, yet more powerful in regard to happy feelings rushing from toe to head with plenty of stop off points in betwixt? Melissa, what you do for people is expressly benevolent. I bet people don't stop you in the streets just to say thank you. But I would. And to offer a complementary loofah scrub by way of showing my gratitude. I'm really good at gift giving. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Melissa Debling Official