Melissa Debling Topless Strawberry Teasing and Sucking

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bill-swift - February 25, 2017

Just when you thought Melissa Debling and her melons of perfect ripeness couldn't get any more bouncy flouncy and alluring, here comes Mel sucking on whipped cream covered strawberries as if she was reading your mind as to how you wished to be taunted into madness today. I'd say it's definitely madness. Blossoming into something much more faptastic as we speak.

Melissa wants nothing more than to use her blessed funbags to bring joy and merriment to the world. Similar to Santa, only Santa isn't real. Sorry kids. On the upside, Melissa is flesh and bone with particular emphasis on the flesh part. Her fine female curvaceous form couldn't be more perfect for a few rounds of hearty red berry licking. Did you really have to spray that whipped cream on your own nipples? Now I'm just sad. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Melissa Debling Official