Mellisa Clarke Page 3 Topless Round Up

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bill-swift - June 28, 2016

Mellisa Clarke and her sweetly misspelled name and her even more sweetly hot body have been on my mind since the day we first met each other. I mean, since my peeps met the feast that is her alt-model brunette topped body and forever more was smitten in the way only a crazy horny man can be smitten. Overwhelming desire.

Mellisa has undertaken many ventures, but never forgets the roots of her success on the page of Page 3 for the Sun where she continues to provide topless wonderments and sextastic peeps for her old fans and the new ones she picks up along the way. Her non-traditional appearance gives her the edge in many ways against her peers who rightly fit more proper fantasies. With Mellisa, I just know my vast collection of peanut butters from around the world is finally going to be exploited to their full potential. Naughty. You or me, I can't tell which one more. Lust you. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3