Mellisa Clarke Strips Down

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bill-swift - June 14, 2016

Mellisa Clarke has gone through many guises and looks and hair and ink, but what has ever remained is how badly I want to topographically map her entire hot naked body from toe to head using only my lingual muscles and a tiny feather. The alt-brunette now with dipped color hair puts on a simple but alarmingly tingle inducing striptease every time she turns on the hotness gets and gets the sextastic body undressed.

In this May Contain Girl photohoot, Melissa strips down to her bare birthday suit gloriously hot poses, reminding everyone and anyone willing to put in the leering effort that beautiful naked women are the very best rides at the amusement park that is life. That's why we all wait in line for those attractions and then speak endlessly about the adventure to our friends. Melissa, please, don't ever change a thing. Well, maybe venues. My place has couches and beds too, just saying. I make great iced-tea. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: May Contain Girl