Micaela Zaffroni in Bed in Lingerie!

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Tex Hollywood - January 11, 2021

Micaela Zaffroni goes by MICHU on her INSTAGRAM where she shows off her hot fit body to all her 5,000 fans.

She seems to be based in South America, not that you can tell from this in bed, in lingerie shoot, but it's nice to reference because it's a positive aspect of globalization.

I've been watching dubbed movies from the Mexico, Poland, Germany, Russia and Sweden the last few weeks and appreciate seeing what goes on in the rest of the world because there's more to life than the handful of celebs, influencers and youtubers the media shove down our throats!

I think we're all better people, more cultured and worldly when we get to look at young models doing their half naked thing on social media and the internet. If anything, it's a great way to replace that whole travel and wanderlust you may have had before COVID made you scared of air travel.

Check out her shoot!


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