Mimi in the Pool!

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Tex Hollywood - October 2, 2020

MIMI is a wonderful model and dancer out of Paris.

She's making some real moves because her instagram story was of her on TV in France pole dancing! Here's the clip:

So there may be a lot more of Mimi over the next few years, we can always hope, because as silly as I think dancing is, there's something sensual, erotic and exciting about a girl who knows how to move!

In this shoot, Mimi is by the pool, in the pool, clothed and fully nude, and you'll be able to make out some of her dancer "moves" or dancer "form" in the shots, you know bring your talents to modelling to make the shoots more interesting. I like it!

She is the second, maybe third model I've seen posing with a JD Salinger novel this week, I guess he's trending in the model scene, which is funny to me because they made us read him in High School. I guess that kind of "culture" is no more when this generation analyze TikTok dance moves, not for their sociological impact, but to learn the freaking moves for their own feed to be part of the fun. WEIRD!

story via REKT MAG


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