Miranda Kerr Black And White Naked

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michael-garcia - August 26, 2016

The delectable Miranda Kerr gets completely buck ass naked in this sexy black and white shoot. Black and white photography is a way to automatically make your work look more arty. That's something we learned back in film school. So, when you take pics of hot naked chicks, it feels less like you are being titilating and more like you are studying the human form or whatever if you do it in black and white. These pics of Miranda are particularly sexy. She's not got on a stitch of clothes and is all oiled up and on all fours. It doesn't get much better than that. Miranda has a tremendous pair of knockers and I for one have had my day made by seeing them au natural. But let's not forget that butt, though. Her cheeks are highly smackable, but one must restrain from doing so without permission. That's how fools end up arrested.

These pics could be in a museum. Luckily they are here on Egotastic which is a kind of museum of hotness, comedy, video games, and movies. Beat that Smithsonian. 


Photo Credit: Laurent Darmon