MMA Awards Bring Out Hotties like Brittney Palmer, Angel Porrino, and Jade Bryce

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bill-swift - February 12, 2014

The mixed-martial arts babes were out in full force over the weekend for the MMA Awards in Vegas. The pugilistic sports have always attracted the good looking ladies, since the dawn of time. Women like men who fight. Well, men who fight and get paid. Something of a caveat. Hence, the appearance of UFC babe Brittney Palmer,Jade Bryce of Bellator renown, and Angel Porrino, notorious hottie from Holly Madison's TV Show.

All in all, I'm reminded that fighting sports attract better looking ladies than my own passion sport of tetherball. I mostly get girls in braces with gastrointestinal distress. Oh, that girls with wicked hot bodies would get all decked out someday to come support me in my tetherball tournaments. Brittney, Jade, Angel, come watch, it's super exciting. I'll be on the blacktop. Enjoy.