Monica Engesser Topless In ‘The Conduit’

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bill-swift - April 19, 2016

If you missed Krampus this past Christmas at the theaters you missed a brand new horror tradition for the Yuletide. You also missed Monica Engesser in her star turning performance. But there is hope yet. For thanks to the mystical powers of Egotastic, you can bear witness to the bare tit-ness (forgive me) of Monica and her stellar fine body in the newly released The Conduit. It's less horror, more relationship drama. Who hasn't had some of that in their lives before?

Monica and her bold choice to bare her organic funbags proudly, finely, and in our faces merits her some adulation and faptastic appreciation. So few American actresses bare their fine female parts these days, you can count the number on your hands, if they're not otherwise occupied. Monica, you are a beauty and a talented thespianic making the bold choices we can certainly get behind. Or in front, for the premiere peeps. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: 'The Conduit' Rock Soup Productions