Monika Synytycz Topless Blonde Heavenlt Hotness In Bedsheets

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bill-swift - January 19, 2016

Here I was on Egotastic just moments ago extolling the virtues and hotness of one Polish model Monika Synytycz rolling around in little bits of clothing, when along comes the very same blonde uber-hottie rolling around in no clothing save for some bed sheets which don't last long. It's almost is if I planned this, or the stars just aligned ever so perfectly.

Monkia is my new Polish goddess of goodness. Just look at this charming outstandingly hot bodied vixen with just the right amount of bodacious in her unfurled breasts. Oh, how I want to roll around in this sheets with you, Monika. I'm not an expert roller per se, but you could roll over me and I'd be plenty happy too. I'm so damn easy to please, still, do be sure to try. Our skin cup overfloweth today. I hope this never ends. Back to my Polish Rosetta Stone. There are phrases involving body parts I really need to learn. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Marzena Bukowska