More Big Brother Germany Topless Bathing With Nina Kristin Fiutak, JJ Ruhle And Desiree Nick

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bill-swift - September 1, 2015

In order to qualify as a worthy Big Brother show, you really do have to have a camera mounted above the ladies bathtub. Coincidentally, that's also a rule of membership in my Peeping Tom Honeycomb Hideout. We do insist on some camera skills.

Big Brother Germany has always been one of the finer contributors of sweet alluring undressed women pretending not to be on camera, including these shots from one day in the life of a bubble bath in the Orwellian home. I'm not exactly sure how this game is won or lost, but if I were in charge, the girl who makes the most showy moans in the Calgon bath get the trophy. Everybody frets about making compelling TV content, but only a few follow the simple rules for winning. Hot naked women. And maybe some decent bumper music. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: "Big Brother Germany" Sixx